Welcome to Wheel-Ability Servicing, we repair and service a range of mobility products including: Attendant wheelchairs; manual self-propelled wheelchairs; powered wheelchairs (powerchairs); scooters and other equipment which you use to enhance your quality of life. We are based in Gloucester and work in the surrounding area.


Our engineer will visit you at your home to inspect and repair your faulty mobility item.

Tool Box

On occasions he will bring the vehicle to our workshop for repair and return it to you on completion.

All work is quoted for your approval before presenting you with an unexpected bill.


All mobility vehicles have moving parts which wear and can become loose. Annual servicing is recommended for safety and longevity of your vehicle, additionally it Clipboard may be a condition of your insurance that your scooter has an annual service.

Our servicing is a fixed price, however should any additional work be indicated or new parts required you will be given a quote first.

Replacement Batteries

Batteries are rechargeable, however they do not last forever and are dependent on the use of your equipment. for example average mobility scooter batteries have a life of between 2 and 4 years.


Batteries come in different shapes and sizes and ’strengths’ and like all products there are expensive brand names, cheap products that don’t last (you get what you pay for) and mid priced good value alternatives.

Battery chargers

Battery chargers are essential to recharge your equipment, however they do not last forever and when faulty will not charge you scooter other items.

Charger Cable

Sometimes we are able to repair them alternatively appropriate replacement chargers can be purchased.


With pneumatic types punctures are inevitable, we will repair wheelchair or scooter punctures by replacing the inner tubes .


For persistent punctures you may wish to consider an alternative solution such as tyre inserts, puncher proofing liquid or solid tyers.


With use the tread on wheelchair and electric scooter tyres will wear thin, warn tyres are a hazard due to the reduced grip.

Tool Box

We provided a full range of wheel chair and scooter tyres for most makes and models.

For more information, pricing and other services or requirements please Contact Us